Our Farms

Picture of our team at our farmsConsistent quality starts before the seed is planted. Our farms are situated in the finest sub-tropical growing regions of Ecuador and Colombia. The Andean Mountain range has premium climatic conditions, rich volcanic soil and optimum light intensity, allowing our flower production to produce flowers year round. Our farms use precise combinations of fertilizers to properly nourish the plants and use minimal amounts of pesticides to combat parasites. When ready for harvest, each flower is cut at the proper stage in its growth cycle to ensure maximum bloom development, optimal color intensity and the longest possible vase life.

Our farms produce millions of stems each year on over 550 acres of farmland. Our production is customer and market driven. We focus on the most popular and in demand varieties and color assortments each year by conducting our own internal and external research . This provides us with future forecasted trends and up to date information to provide you with the most optimum new products and varieties available.

Weather at Our Farms and Headquarters

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