Re-Connect with your Customer

Posted by: Rio Staff on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 12:00:00 am

Re-connect with your CustomerWhen was the last time you looked at the sales trend of your best customers?  First, you have to be aware of where you stand with all your customers. Your sales associates have to know the numbers and ask for help when they have no answer. You may say, we don’t have the time, and to that I say: can you really afford notto find the time?

Questions to ask your customers:

  • Do we have what you need to help your business make money – product selection, prices, quality, service, timely information?
  • Is our sales associate offering the service you require?
  • Is the product meeting and exceeding your expectations?
  • Is some other supplier treating you better?
  • Do your sales associates like selling our products and services?
  • How are your needs changing?  Are we changing fast enough to meet your needs?
  • Were we there for you during the holidays when you really needed us to come through?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank our service?  Our product selection? Etc.

The answers to these questions will tell you what’s necessary in order to re-gain sales from that good customer.  You see, COMMUNICATION is the cure to most ills. Are your sales associates good enough to ask these types of questions to customers when they see a downward trend? Or do we just accept that business is down? No matter what, your customers’ answers to these questions will be informative.

Chances are nothing is wrong but the day to day whirlwind took your eyes off the ball and the game just slipped away. So why not make the effort to understand and listen to your best customers to find the cure?  Information is the key to great business relationships. Never quit and keep asking the right questions.

We are in a great industry with great people selling a product that brings joy to whomever receives flowers. Your customers need great suppliers with great information so they can make great decisions. 

Re-connect with your best customers, exchange questions to understand, then create the solutions based on the answers and share the information needed to help your business move forward. This business is built on relationships. Use your once great relationship to get your sales back by Re-Connecting.


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