Victor Giorgini

R. “Victor” Giorgini is currently a Partner, President and CEO of Equiflor Corporation (Rio Roses). A native of Argentina, Mr. Giorgini attended engineering school at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and later moved to the United States as an international student where he attended Florida International University, studying International Business Management. 

In 1980, Mr. Giorgini began his career in the floral industry working for Southern Rainbow where he was responsible for managing Farm Relations, Production Planning, Quality Assurance and Operations. Mr. Giorgini joined Equiflor Corporation in 1991 as Senior VP of Farm Sourcing and Quality Assurance. He was very instrumental in the development and implementation of all Equiflor Branded products (Rio Roses) and its strict quality specifications and guidelines. 

Mr. Giorgini is currently serving his second term as President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Floral Importers of Florida (AFIF). He is a member of BASC (Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition) and also serves as a board member pro bono, in two local charter schools for underprivileged children. 

Mr. Giorgini’s leisure time is dedicated to his wife of 22 years and his two sons.