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I am so excited to be part of the amazing Rio Roses Team that offers the greatest flowers and the MOST amazing roses. I have missed 'writing' and look forward to sharing ideas and information about flowers, trends, design styles, and thoughts about this incredible industry that we celebrate.

In my early years we had design shows sponsored by wholesalers and wire services, monthly industry publications, all focused on design styles and trends. Leaving us to educate the consumer.

Picture of a rose on a gold placeToday's consumer has the world quite literally at their 'fingertips'. Laptops, iPhones, tablets, and 'traditional computers', as well as DIY programming, 'wedding programing' to research any aspect of color, design, style, trend. Goodness knows, if they see it on the internet then it must be true! While technology has brought design style and trends to the forefront, it has also complicated our lives. 

They see flowers 'out of season', thinking they are available year round. Crafting/ DIY projects that are 'simple and easy to create' but do not realize the cost of the materials and the amount of 

time required to create 150+ 'favors'  is far more costly than anticipated. Even arrangements featuring a single variety of flowers en masse, looks simple, and yes, a single flower is affordable, they can't seem to comprehend that there's 75-10 stems of the one single flower in the arrangement they absolutely have to have for their guest tables, and are heartbroken when they multiply that 'pricey' arrangement by 12 tables!

We've all been there and have to guide our clients into a look that encompasses their vision, but meets their budget! 

Image of flowers on a tableWeddings have gone from a simple public declaration of love and commitment to elaborate displays of consumption. Don't get me wrong, I have NO problem with consumption as its how we earn our living, it is tough when the clients budget does not allow for the look of overabundance especially if that is what they really want.

Remember that when you create an event, it must always meet YOUR standards. Even though the client is always right; the guests, vendors, and observers will credit the bride for 'good taste' and the designer for 'bad taste' if it isn't appealing.

Experts predict over the next 2 to 3 years there will be an increase in weddings. It seems that the stalled economy can be credited for this upswing. Couples were postponing marriage due to the economy, and other were postponing marriage because of careers or delaying pregnancy, and the fact that same sex couples are now able to get married in many areas of the country. 

What is trending now? Nude tones, tints, shades and hues have been on the upswing in design, texture being the element that binds the design. Canning Jars, combined with lace and burlap,  mismatched table settings, all reflect 'vintage chic', hob nail containers and milk glass containers are combined to create a 'vintage' style, however it takes a VERY discerning eye when combining these elements, it can go from chic to tag sale very quickly if you are not careful. 

Image of a bride and her dogBarns, dock houses, and other 'natural' settings lend themselves to this style. It's vital to keep the venue in mind when planning décor!

The influence of 'garden' blooms such as open roses, peonies, ranunculus, anemones, tulips, and herbs, especially gray foliage's is prevalent in today’s trend whether it's rustic, vintage, Gatsby, or traditional elegance!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to share your thoughts or photos of your designs. We may feature them in the future!

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