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Our Story

For the past three decades, the privately-owned Equiflor has been a leading fresh flower grower and distributor
in the region. We hand grow and carefully nurture each plant to bring you the highest quality flowers every time. What
started as a family business in 1986 has flourished into a household name, with our nationally-branded, fresh-cut “Rio
Roses” distributed via a network of flower wholesalers across the US and Canada. From our state-of-the-art distribution
center near Miami International Airport, we manage the growth, importation, distribution, and marketing of roses,
carnations, and specialty flowers from the major growing regions of the world.

A Leader in Independent Flower Growing & Importing

Rio knows quality. With over 700 acres of fresh flower farms in primary production centers across Colombia, Ecuador,
and Costa Rica, we keep a close eye on the flower growing process. Nature can be unpredictable, but owning our
own farms allows us to deliver a consistently extraordinary product, with innovative marketing and a seasoned
customer service team to maintain our reputation for integrity and dependability.

Our Mission

To consistently delight and amaze our customers, suppliers, and associates by providing the finest marketing, education,
and product in the floral industry.

Rio Roses: A Household Name

Our fresh flowers are packaged and distributed under five exclusive, registered trademark names: Rio Roses, Private Collection,
Baby Rio Spray Roses, Rio Carnations, and Rio Specialty Flowers, including chrysanthemums and novelty products like Ranunculus and Delphinium.
Rio carries over 20 different product types and hundreds of unique floral varieties to create that perfect arrangement every time.

Consistent Quality and Year-round Availability

Rio Roses maintains a high standard of quality parameters in the production, harvest, and packaging of fresh cut flowers.
We are the only offshore flower grower to offer clients their choice of detailed specifications for premium flower arrangements.
With top-notch quality control at our privately-owned growing facilities and at our consolidation sites in Miami, we can ensure
consistent, year-round availability of the most popular varieties.