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Our family values drive our business. We emphasize trust and open communication with our wholesale partners as a
testament to the Rio Standard of integrity. Our esteemed wholesale partners rest easy knowing they are in good hands.


After thirty years in the business, Rio has seen many changes in the floral industry. What has remained consistent is our loyalty
to our wholesale partners. A partnership with Rio is built on passion, honesty, and communication. It is truly a mutual
partnership: we rely on our dedicated wholesalers to distribute our prized floral products, and they in turn benefit from the
quality our trademarked Rio Roses brand-a consistently superior product that has become a household name.

By going directly to the farms, Rio circumvents the uncertainty that often plagues the floral supply chain. We have a handle on
the product at every step of the process from farm to vase. What’s more, we review a proportionally large percentage of our
products-about 10% of each shipment passes our quality control tests upon importation. And when life’s unexpected
setbacks occur, communication is key. Rio maintains a solution-oriented mindset to deliver nothing
less than an extraordinary final product.

Please complete the form below and our Rio distribution management team will contact you within 24 hours.