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Pre-book your farm direct orders by participating
in our monthly Rio Bite Size Program!

Pre-book your farm-direct orders by participating in our monthly Rio Bite Size program. During the first week
of every month, wholesalers will receive a list of our featured products and pricing for the following
month so that they can pre-sell directly to their customers.

As part of this program, our marketing team will create tailored brand sales sheets for
your customers, using your logo and company information.

For example, in June you would receive your Bite Size offering for July,
giving you almost four weeks to make plenty of pre-sales

As a Rio customer, you’ll always know you’re getting a consistent, quality product. It’s that “Rio Consistent”
peace of mind that keeps customers coming back again and again, and that makes Rio stand out
as one of the highest-quality floral operations in the world.

Win a Free Pizza Party

Any customer who books a minimum of 100 pieces for any given month
of Bite Size will win a Free Pizza party for their entire company