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Don’t just take it from us, let our customers and partners do the talking!

“I have to say, the Bite Size program was a little tough for us to get rolling. It’s a different type of selling than our salespeople are used to, but once we got things started it has done nothing but grow for us. Even during the uncertain times we’ve had in 2020 we are increasing our sales – every single month. It also gives our newer salespeople a confidence boost; it turns every “do you need anything today” call into an add-on to an existing order, which is a much easier position to sell from.”

Mark Berglund


“I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you and let you know what a good job Susan does taking care of me.

In the midst of all the chaos this morning happening here and there, she took care of a problem I was having with online buying. It was operator issues I am sure.
Thanks again for all you do.”

Barb Pitts


“I just want to let you know your sprays are the best I’ve seen from South America. We LOVE them. Cut point is perfect. True color. Great packaging. A winner!”

Dean Knight


“I just wanted to share a few thoughts I have regarding the Bite Size Farm Direct program. We started out promoting this by letting you guys produce a flyer and hand placing them into the hands of our customers. We are a very small wholesaler that has been around for over 50 years with 2 different generations of ownership. We like many floral companies have seen many dynamic changes over these years. Our customer area is served by 3 refrigerated trucks in a 100-mile radius of our location in Bremen Ga. All our accounts are in towns in West Georgia and East Alabama. Most towns only have one florist in them. We have about 25-30 customers we call on every other day. We started out very slowly getting our customers to try the Bite Size. We only booked 1 or 2 boxes at first but our sales team was very persistent and were not order takers, they were order consultants. Soon we were getting repeat business every month with 3 to 5 customers then it increased to 5 to 10 customers buying 1 – 6 boxes. We have increased our monthly Bite Size order each month over year to date sales. We finally hit our first 100 boxes last year and just finished this August with 100 boxes. We have had four 100 box sales months so far. It is obviously very nice to have 100 boxes go out next month at full margins and no repacking. What this does for us is to effectively push out our competition on delivery days. Our customers don’t want to pay 2 delivery fees so they wait on us to buy the rest of their flowers that day. We have to work it hard every month to add new customers but we are up to about 1/3 of a very small customer base of 50 that buy every month. We love the pizza parties too. If you don’t try this you are missing some very consistent business that also guarantees you an extra share of the pie on delivery days. Thank you, Steve, for helping us get this business.”

Daryl Sellers


“The quality and consistency of Equiflor and Rio Roses is top of the industry. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.”

Bart Scheuller


“I thought“CREDITS”?? I have no issues with Equiflor! That’s why I book my Valentine
roses with them.

You all came thru again. Easy, smooth rose holiday with RIO roses.
Love you guys for that.”

Karla Cole, Manager



“WOW! Totally impressed with the style and the content.
Love, love the personal touch with the employees. A great asset and a great way to make them
feel the love from Rio! Kudos to you and your team doing for this.

Congrats to you and your team.
Again very impressed. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to receiving it monthly.”

Lisa Strydom, Advertising Sales Director


“Hi Rio Family,

Nice job with the E-Mag!
I always knew you folks were ahead of the curve in branding and marketing for our industry.
Liv Rio e-Mag proves it!!”

Roy Borodkin, President