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Valentine’s Day is all about romance and nothing is more romantic than a table filled with gorgeous flowers.
Whether it’s for an intimate dinner for two or a larger celebration, our Valentine’s Day dining collection
will bring romance, elegance, and stunning beauty to any tablespace.


Create an exquisite dining table setting by pairing red and white flowers. The combination of red and white roses symbolizes unity, which makes our Rio Freedom and Tibet Roses perfect for this celebration of love. These roses are pair beautifully with our Baby Rio Snowflake Spray Roses and Rio White Ranunculus to create an elegant table setting. We added contrasting vases in red and white, red glass jar candles, and a sprinkling of red hearts for a fresh, intriguing, and utterly romantic look.

Considered the gold standard of pure white roses, the Rio Tibet
brings a sophisticated touch to any arrangement. The pure white
color, refined cup shape, and delicate opening make these
roses especially magical when bunched together.

This classic red rose is the universal symbol of true love, and the
bright, vibrant color of our Rio Freedom is the truest red rose of all.
Plus, the large, velvety, cup-shaped blooms make this rose a
vital choice for any romantic Valentine’s Day celebration.

A gorgeous white spray rose, the Baby Rio Snowflake contains multiple blooms per stem, usually five or more. Her beautiful blooms open fully, creating a mass of lovely ruffled petals resembling miniature roses. While they have the natural beauty of a rose, the overall feel of the spray rose is softened by its delicate and intricate features.

The exquisite Rio White Ranunculus has showy, ruffled petals that
blossom to a near-perfect circle. These stunning flowers look even
more spectacular when bunched together, bringing an
elegant touch to any arrangement.